What is the cheapest month to fly to Thailand?

The cheapest month to travel to Thailand is during the off season or low season travel. During May and September seems to be the cheapest flight rate. However, in each country the flight ticket price varies by different countries.

Starting to know when is low season, high season and peak season for Thailand vacation.

Thailand has a tropical climate with roughly three seasons:

– Hot (March to May) – Less visitors come during this time.

– Rain (May to October) – There is more rain and monsoon in the southern.

-Cool (November to February)   – This is the best time which is nice and cool weather.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Thailand?

Regarding to static of Cheapflight.com. This is an comparison ticket price from different countries and temperature in each month. And what is the average price of each month and suggestion of how many days in advance that you should make reservation of your flight and trend to get the  special discount. Beside that this table can help you plan your travel time that you can get a lower ticket rate.

Month Temperature © Rainfall (mm) Australia


South Africa ZAR Qatar


Singapore SGD Canadian




Hong Kong


USA  Honolulu (USD)
January 32 25 953 9393 2377 193 1056 1821 1843 672
February 33 27 740 8289 2359 213 990 1810 2321 642
March 33 44 723 8261 2153 200 910 1829 1741 680
April 36 74 840 7995 2031 217 990 1832 2016 770
May 35 149 709 7520 1944 189 1058 1439 1780 769
June 33 170 858 8471 2294 213 1275 1729 1780 771
July 33 170 842 8093 2344 188 1518 1957 2031 657
August 33 200 737 7674 2738 197 1381 2166 2000 698
September 32 300 776 7254 2056 179 1030 1575 1757 731
October 32 275 723 7352 2034 186 1053 1612 1764 761
November 32 47 746 7674 2175 211 982 1421 1623 800
December 31 10 1,120 11322 2489 286 1506 2008 1953 753
Cheapest day to fly Tue, Mon Wed, Sun, Tue Mon Mon, Sun Tue Sat Tue
Cheapest tome to fly At mid night Evening Afternoon Evening Afternoon Midday Midday
Peak Day Sat Sat Tue Fri Sat Fri Fri
Peak Time Evening Afternoon Morning Mid day Evening Evening Evening
Advance booking 30-60 days save cost 27% 30-40 day, save money up to 22% 50-60 day, save money up to 32% 30-60 days, save uo to 25 % 50-60 days, save money up to 25 % 50-60 days, save money up to 35 % 50-60 days, save money up to 20 %

Update information in April 2019

references : https://www.cheapflights.com.au

Australia Air ticket price to Bangkok

South Africa and average air ticket price to Thailand

air ticket price ZAR

South Africa and average air ticket price to Thailand

air ticket price to Bangkok qatar in each month

Singapore and average air ticket price to Thailand

Air ticket from Bangkok to Singapore each year

Canada and average air ticket price to Thailand

air ticket from Canada to Bangkok all year

United Arab Emirates dirham and average air ticket price to Thailand

air ticket from United Arab Emirates to Bangkok all year

Hong Kong and average air ticket price to Thailand

air ticket price from Hongkong to Bangkok

Plan to book tickets in advance for lot of saving

Spending less in flight fare is around 30-40 % of vacation expenditure, therefore save up around 10-20 %, it is a big saving which means money for your next trip, spending more in food, upgrade hotel , going to spa for relaxing or  reservation for a fine dine with your love one.

Period of making air ticket booking is highly related to the airfare too

From the table above, one can get 15-30% off airfare, if made an advance booking around 30-60 Days.  We recommend setting the date of travel. Then go to airline booking platforms such as cheapflight.com , kayak.com, and expedia.com, then check the flight every day until you find the right price. However, please do not forget to delete COOKIE in your browser too, otherwise the more you check the ticket rate, the higher price you will get.

Travelling time is also matter for air fare

People in different countries have a preference on travel time differences. It reflex to different peak period of travel too. AtArab country peak travel time is Friday in the evening. Australia, New Zealand and Canadian prefer to travel on Saturday.

Avoid peak period of travel time, it is a good chance to save you buck.

Why Weather And Rain Fall Is A Big Deal For Your Thailand Trip?​

Weather is a matter for everyone who go for vacation. Come on, Thailand do not have three season. We only have 2 seasons only.  It is very hot and dam hot. Hahaha . It is a joke that made everyone laugh. In fact, you can see weather is almost not matter . It is a little different in each area and all year round.

Rainfall is more matter that people concern. It is not raining all day long during raining season. And it is no guarantee that if you come during the cool season there will be no rain.  Is it a better idea that how do you have fun no matter whether it rain or not? So stay tune with us and find out what can you do if travel to Thailand during the month that you acquire the cheapest air ticket.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Thailand and what to do during that period?

As you can see that low period fall in different months, the next questions are that do that during that period?

The cheapest month is March, May, September, and November.

November is a good month, which is already high tourist reason already. Visit Phuket, Phi phi island and Krabi are nice. Meanwhile, Chiang mai, Chiang rai and Mae Hong Son are starting to enter cool season. The only area that you must be careful is Samui island, Phangan island and Koh Tao which is in monsoon period.

March is starting to enter warm period. You still be able to visit beach destination such as Phuket , Krabi and Khao Lak. The highlight is Surin island and similan island which is a marine national park that open only during peak period. We do not recommend visiting Chiang mai or some cities in the north due to many year records that the pollution is a bad issue there.

May and September are falling in monsoon period. Going the Bangkok, Chiang mai, Kanchanaburi (river kwai) , and Pattaya are a good time for get good breath , and greenery from rice field.

What to do in Thailand during June?

Be careful with the terms and conditions of air ticket during booking

To get a special discount can make many traveller happy. But I just want to remind you to make sure you are accept with terms and conditions. Most of cheap ticket is not flexible. It is better to keep this in mind before press book it now.

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