Recommendation for making very Thai trip

Hello and sawaddee ka

My name is Eng. I am a Thai license tour guide who love travel and love my country. And also I help people to craft the trip when they visit Thailand and neighborhood country. Some people called travel consultant or trip planner.

As a Tour guide

I am so delighted whenever I talk to people on the trip.  Even sometime, I go to visit the same place , I always make the trip fun and want visitors who join my trip get the best out of it. Being a tour guide is a bless , I can go to holiday every time I step out of my home and my office.

 Being a travel consultant

This is a very challenging task to make my team understand customer need, logistic of the tour and make process flawless and easy. However, I think I must love this job that why I still do it for over 10 years. My goal from this is to make a memorable. It sounds optimistic. but it really what I want to do.

So what is propose of this web?

I would like to use my knowledge of Thailand , Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to help traveler plan the trip well.
So ….
I hope you can find the answer and I can help you get a better idea to make a trip nicer and have a good time when visit our area.
Please bear in mind that I aim to communicate what I know. I might not be able to make a perfect English as native tongue.
Thanks for reading. I hang around facebook , twitter & instragram – Hope to say hi some time in social media world.