Many visitors will ever think to indulge the atmosphere during sip the wine while seeing the sunset in the sea. The Andaman Sea is one of the best destinations to visit. The top destination is including Phuket, Phang Nga Bay, Krabi, Similan Islands and many small island. Some corner of the Andaman coast is famous for the beauty of limestone cliff, hidden lagoons, and underwater wildlife. In addition, it is also a dream of traveler to explore Thai ocean exclusivel

What is the reason why it worth spending time with a Private chatter Yacht to tropical island in Thailand?

Let’s me tell the 7 reasons why you should take charter a private yacht to explore tropical island in Thailand.

1. Escape the tourist crowds

It is ok to see the charm of Thai ocean with the standard tour. You will go to the popular attraction and it’s sure to meet tourist crowds.  Absolutely, everyone wants to take a photo with the tourist attraction but at your photo will have a lot of people in the background instead of the attraction view.

However, If you rent the private yacht, you can visit a private island. You will touch a quiet and relaxing time and also meet undisturbed photos section. Imagine, how amazing of your vacation is going to be.

2. Take Pleasure In Optimal Weather Conditions

Weather condition is an outside factor that everyone can’t guess, but Phuket always has good weather during peak season. The temperature of the sea water is pleasant all year round. You can do enjoy to swimming in ocean any time you like.

3. Get Pampered In Sheltered Bays With Calm Waters

Andaman Shore has a landscape that very beautiful bay and calm water.   One of them is Phang Nga Bay, a 400 square kilometer area protected from the monsoonal winds. With its hundreds of islands, this stunning bay is, therefore, the perfect place for a luxury yacht holiday all year round.

4. Delightful Time With A Highly Personalized Experience

The islands in Thailand offers a good combination of both relaxing and challenging activities. You can go on hilly walks, cycle, try rock climbing, or examine mangrove forests by kayak. And cruising a private Yacht a choice to open the new experience and only some people to have a chance to cruising Charter a Private Yacht. So this activity is interesting.

5.Explore The Local Limestone Kingdom.

At the Andaman Sea, You will see the cliffs, unusual rock and cave hidden lagoons in Andaman Coast scenic, If you wish to visit a place that more the itinerary or do a more unique activity, you can to do that

6.Discover A Unique Underwater World.

You will receive a new experience. It makes so much unique place that only some people can touch it. Most dive sites in the area are home to sea turtles as well as eye-catching colorful fish and corals.  Divers can also encounter some of the more exotic sea creatures Rather than reading about the islands’ charm, make sure you pay them a visit during your cruise.

 7.Watch the sunset at sea.

This reason is the highlight activity of charter a Private Yacht the Imagine cruising on a private yacht with family or a group of friends. It’s time of happiness and relaxation that it’s so much valuable a The sky is a display of red and orange hues… You feel an unparalleled sense of freedom and comfort that is a fitting crown to your journey.

Thailand’s top 10 yachting destinations

1. Koh Samui

  1. Koh Samui, The paradise in the middle of the Thai Gulf. Island located on Thai Golf in Suratthani Province. The area 1 in 3 of Island is surrounded by the mountain. The best time to visit Koh Samui is during January – May. Koh Samui is considered an isolated island form around the world that is the season from stuffed with the natural resource such crystal clear sea water, pristine beach and it also has temples that are the cultural attraction of the people in the local.  Around Koh Samui have a lot of barrier reef. Don’t miss sailing through the archipelago of Ang Thong National Marine Park, and its distinctive shores from Sleeping Cow Island to Three Pillars Island.

2. Phuket

One of the provinces in the south of Thailand that geographical location is island. Phuket is denominated by around the world traveler “The Pearl of the Andaman sea”   it be renowned in the part of the beauty of the landscape, blue clear water sea and Along with various tourist facilities Phuket not only have natural resource but also have architecture and in the part of the culture. The highlight of Phuket is seeing the sunset at Promthep Cape – the best sunset in Thailand. If you need an exclusive view, you should hire the charter yacht to touch the unique experience with the best sunset of Thailand.

3. Pattaya

The city never sleeps –If we talk about the sea near Bangkok.  What do you think beach town close to Bangkok? Everyone will think off Pattaya. It takes time from Bangkok to Pattaya Only 2 hours drive. Pattaya is The city that well-known about nightlife from both Thailand and foreigner. Having many activities to do at Pattaya For example windsurf, water ski, swim, sunbathe, snorkel, etc. If you are a party animal. Don’t miss this activity. The special activity to recommend is the private party yacht. you will get the experience that you will never forgettable.

4. Krabi

Krabi is where the sea lover will like it. The sea remains abundant natural resources. Krabi have a famous island where top beautiful in the world For example – Maya Island – Island where have the sand feel like a powder. The color of sea water is clear like emerald color. Krabi leads into another gorgeous yachting destination, Phang Nga Bay, where it’s also easy to charter a fabulous, luxury ride to other must-see islands like Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, and Koh Kai.

5. Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is one of destination that every traveler seek it. Koh Phi Phi is the perfect location for the yacht. It is known from people around the world with the impressive the limestone cliff, which is almost skeletal shape. A very narrow strip of sand connects two asymmetrical pieces of island. It’s the experience that you should try.

6. Surin And Similan

The Similan and Surin Islands are situated off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. Most people go to the Similan and Surin island because it has beautiful coral reefs and various species below the water. The thing that you don’t miss to anchor of the yacht and diving into this underwater world is the extreme adventure.

7. Koh Chang

Koh Chang is the largest and most popular in the eastern of Thailand. It’s the third largest island. The island of Koh Chang to some it’s the ‘Maldives of Thailand‘ to others ‘The Oriental Eden of the East‘ or even the ‘Last Paradise of Natural’ Sailing around Koh Chang is increasingly popular. Once in your life you must to be there.

8. Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a well-known laidback beach town. It is usually full of people taking a break from Bangkok at the weekend. Cause it’s a short time to drive from Bangkok. It’s not as much of a yachting destination as nearby Pattaya but does offer a wide range of boats to sail the Gulf of Thailand.

9. Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay National park has so many spots for scenic views but the highlight are literally hundreds of limestone cliffs rising over the sea, tour the movie scene “James Bond Island where the James Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed years ago. As a result here have a lot of the traveler around the world. As it’s now called, is over-crowded with tourists, but that’s what makes charting a boat the perfect way to explore the bay.

10. Koh Lipe.

The island is the perfect starting point for your sailing vacation. When you take off  Lipe, you will get the experience along with civilization, sailing past uninhabited islands covered in lush tropical rainforest and foliage. The best thing to recommend is the great spot for fishing, scenic views in the crystal blue waters.

How Many Types Of Yacht In Thailand?

 There are three types of yachts.

 – Sailing yach

 – Motor Yacht

 – Catamarans

Type 1. Sailing yacht

It makes you fell freedom and romance, sailing yachts will offer your unique experience. Because Sailing yachts use wind power instead to use the monitor. Many sailing yachts are equipped with a low-power engine, which is advantageous during difficult maneuvers

 Type 2. Motor yacht

The motor yacht is the most popular to use for vessels chartered from around the world.

It has more convenient that sailing because it has more space that offers luxurious amenities such as the entertainment system, etc.

Type 3 Catamaran

Catamarans are greater than other types. There are also large enough for more onboard space and full luxurious amenities. It is one choice to go with family.

Can charter a private yacht in Bangkok ?

Yes, you can charter the private yacht in Bangkok on Chao Phraya river. Most of the traveler will  charter the private yacht to organizing luxury private Party

For instance

– Khana Yacht Charter

– Supatra Boat  private boat charter service

–  Sabai Cruise

After all, do you like to experience yacht travel when visit Thailand? Do you get idea where to enjoy private yacht trip? I hope you do.